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Thread: PunchDrunc - 25 song mashup

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    Icon2 PunchDrunc - 25 song mashup - I Think I'll Head To The Club

    Hey guys,
    It would be great if people could check out this 25 song mashup I put together.
    Feedback welcome.
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    Default Re: PunchDrunc - 25 song mashup

    25 song mashup thats whats up.This dope as hell i could really see this being played in the club. I could play this all day long over and over again.Do you have a download link for it??

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    Hey man, appreciate the comment. Unfortunately there's no download link, but if you don't mind sending me your email address I can send you the mp3 if you want.

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    video concept is pretty cool.. the mix itself could use some work. its a bit sloppy . work on your beatmatching. also some levels are off.
    overall pretty decent

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    Mix is all over the place. The Most Impressive thing was your little Youtube Video. I liked watching it. Your Volume is way way too loud when (G-6) Comes in. Your Melodies are Clashing left and Right. If you use Virtual DJ, you can pick your songs according to "KEY" OR PITCH. DJ Earworm is Notorious for making SMOOTH Mixes like this that are controlled well with the melodies and Pitches. You can change them, or pitch them up or down, so they come in together smoother. Again, I'm still listening to it as I type this, and your Volumes are SO LOUD, when you mix them have to learn how to kill your BASS knob when they enter and exit the mix..... You have the right Idea for mixing and keeping the Energy of the mix, and I think with some fine tuning and polishing your skills, you will one bad ass Mix DJ.
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