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Thread: Omarion - Icebox (Remix) Produced By B [dot] Jay

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    Default Omarion - Icebox (Remix) Produced By B [dot] Jay

    Hopefully y'all like it...

    icebox remix.mp3 - 3.60MB :biggrin:

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    Default Re: Omarion - Icebox (Remix) Produced By B [dot] Jay

    cool remix!..nice beat..

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    Default Re: Omarion - Icebox (Remix) Produced By B [dot] Jay

    ain't feelin' this one to much. it has pontential, but that voice gets irritating after while and the chorus cos match those synths. i can feel the vibe you were going for. keep at it. i'm working on an ice box remix myself.

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    Default Re: Omarion - Icebox (Remix) Produced By B [dot] Jay

    I'm with smoothbeats on this one

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    Default Re: Omarion - Icebox (Remix) Produced By B [dot] Jay

    dang errbody doing a Icebox beat. Okay. Im feelin the chord progressions. That voice is hella annoying. The chorus is not really THERE...i mean it doesnt really jump out. The whole song sounds like a verse. Try putting an instrument to follow some parts of O's melody on certain parts to keep in interesting. Right now its sounds like u aint finished dawg. Good luck wit finishing it if u do. Oh yea. the synth on the chorus...It doesnt fit the song much.

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    Default Re: Omarion - Icebox (Remix) Produced By B [dot] Jay

    The drums/percussion is on point... I actaully like the voice you had throughout the song, it gave it a unique feel and what not.... Also the chords sounded nice too.. Great job on that i must say...

    However, on the flipside, during the chorus, that whistle didnt really fit and it was annoying as welll... Pretty good, but i know you can do better! Add more things to the chorus to spice it up for sure....



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