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Thread: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

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    Default Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    omarion - bedsoopahsoljah.mp3 - 5.23MB

    did this for fun, some points it may be slightly off. i really don't care but hey opinions are free to give so let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    tight tight mayne props!!

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    sounds pretty good wut omarion song was that tho i dont recognize it

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    thanks, the song from omarion is O

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    Hot..tite.. nice shitt ..bRAVOOO
    <---Dj Reko On Da Mix--->

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    Well the mix is onbeat and sounds good but the only thing I'd fix is the vocals. The vocals are way to loud for the intrumental, Other than that it sounds good. Funny thing is I've also made a remix track of J. Holiday and Omarion. I'll post it up soon.

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    i think the vocals are alright the instrumental is what shoul be increased,
    Goo concept.

    Its Great Working With You Cuz I Know All Da Tracks Will Come Out Great~Dj Excrucial.~

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    thanks, for this mix i don't really care to adjust anything. though i know it should be, did this out of boredom

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    Good to hear some rnb man, nice change of pace grown man sh*& ya dig. There was a couple of sections that could be tightened up but you said you did it for fun so I know how it goes. As far as the volume it may sound like the beat is low on computer but once you throw it in your ride or on a stereo system the beat has heavy bass it kind of levels it.

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    damn where u get that pella from you. it sound good though

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    its hot
    just off beat

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    chea, this is hot... at first i thought the pitch might be offkey, but then as it played more, it was straight... good job... would defo bump this if i was bout to.... well never

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    Default Exellent Work

    Your Another Of My Fav Djs On This Site All Your Remixs Are Fire Keep Up Your Good Work Whens Your Next 1 Dropping

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    thanks peeps... ddotcbeats i have a lot of remixes/blends i made but i'm not ready to put it out yet. hit up my myspace for any updates i may not have posted on here yet.

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    Default Re: Omarion - Bed(soopahsoljahremix)

    Its a really good concept....But its off beat to me.....Its starts to match up thought after like the second verse....What the hell happened at 2:17 LOL After u fix up a few things I think you got a banger....
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