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Thread: Oh Darling feat. Young Gunz

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    Default Oh Darling feat. Young Gunz

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    This is a song that I put together with the Young Gunz "Set it Off" an album coming out online on the 23rd with artists acapellas and my beats...i'll appreciate the feedback

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    1. Put You On The Game Blend (First Blend Ever) [RS]
    2. Kanye West feat. 2Pac - Gold Digger (RaCs Remix)
    3. Ben E. King feat Pitbull - Stand by me Remix


    this beat is fire you def need to get some original artist on this, let them vibe off i think they'll come with a hot concept for a track.

    keep em coming


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    Default Re: Oh Darling feat. Young Gunz

    Yeah thanks man...I'm just trying to get my name out there u know

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    Default Re: Oh Darling feat. Young Gunz

    Yo that beat is fuckin crazy and u put the young gunz on it nice as fuck. Shit if aint nobody on that beat man I Kill it , let me kno


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