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Thread: Not Afraid (N Before ate Remix)

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    Lol I decided I'd throw the alternate version up here as well. Lots of Not Afraid mixes going around, but oh well lol. I know the hook is off key or whatever, but I can't tell keys of songs or anything like that and I wouldn't know where to start to change the pitch and what not. So i just let it be.

    Download Not Afraid Before ate Remix) mp3
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    Default Re: Not Afraid (N Before ate Remix)

    It all starts with ur ear bruh....

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    Try finding a better quality version of the acapella, would work nicer for the intro... I like the vibe real nice, fits it real nice... Its on beat and on bar, good job. I love the hook on this beat nice job man (Y) 8/10 Good job

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    Wow i like this a lot. one of the only decent not afraid mixes ive heard. props bro


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