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Thread: Newest mix by me.

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    Default Newest mix by me.

    Alright first off the rapper on this song is named Gene-D who is from Texas and this song is a one verse outro throwaway song he did that he wanted me to do a mix of so I did. The beat is made by me and it mixed by me of course. So yeah leave some feedback mainly want feedback on the beat as I'll probably be using this same beat for a different mix that is much longer.

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    Your production is good ! It sounds like a pure mixtape type of track good work!

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    Default Re: Newest mix by me.

    yeah the beat was heat playa, production was pretty good and even though his verse was short he was still delivering, but anyway keep it up on those beats like what u did with this one..peace playa!!!

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    im loving this beat
    and it fit his texas flow nice
    too bad its not the whole song
    cause this is pretty dope
    keep it up

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    Default Re: Newest mix by me.

    Beat is fire bruh, no worries on that. Thr flow is nice too, too bad its only a verse. Heat...

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    Glad you guys like it the pella I'm thinking about putting on this beat is "Just don't give a fuck" by Enimem. If I do should be posted on here soon. In the meantime more feedback is welcome and thanks the ones who have given it.

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    Catchy beat, solid verse as well.

    Good production overall, but I think the song would be much better if it was longer. What you have is fire though.

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