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Thread: Nas Feat 2Pac-Jail Cell(From Now On)

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    Default Nas Feat 2Pac-Jail Cell(From Now On)

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    Default Re: Nas Feat 2Pac-Jail Cell(From Now On)

    Okay im feeling it beat seems 2 simple like an arabic hip hop beat

    Nasir Jones
    nas is on and off to me
    The Hook Is Weird
    2Pac Shakur
    Its Too Fast but hes on beat


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    Default Re: Nas Feat 2Pac-Jail Cell(From Now On)

    I pretty much agree with the above(Nasty November)
    The Nas is definitely off and on (both verses) nice tempo to this beat tho. I would definitely drop those 2 verses again and get them on for the 2pac it's on but sounds way to fast.....depending what program your using I would lock the tempo at a slower speed and it would flow nice with that beat. the hook is weird although it does go with that particular beat but really doesn't do the verses any justice. Over all I do like the acapella verses you chose and the beat is bangin. Of course thats just my suggestion........keep on doing your thing man.

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    Default Re: Nas Feat 2Pac-Jail Cell(From Now On)

    Yo thanks for the feedback.


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