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Thread: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

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    Default Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    So before I post the track, I'd just like to take this moment to say that I have been writing music for around 2 month's now, thats it!

    I got a copy of FL Studio, plus a bunch of plugins and went from there. I have no musical experience or background, just a whole lotta love for the fine sounds!

    This is my 1st track I have made, and it's nowhere near the quality of some I have heard on this site, but everyone has to start somewhere right?

    Anyway, onto the track

    Or, as requested by Tucky, the zshare file.
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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    post this another way. I don't want to download this to my c omputer just to listen to it. upload it to zhare or somethin like that. then I'll peep it

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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    It's uploaded to fileden, which is a file hosting site similar to zshare.

    You will not have to download it, it will play directly through your media player


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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    zshare file uploaded bud

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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    Please guys and gals, any comments at all would be appreciated, good or bad!

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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    Hey I have to give it to you it's not bad at all for someone on their first try with no musical background. It's on beat, which is a feat in itself... rhythmically, it fits with the original song in a techno/house sort of way. The synths you used were cool, not my style, but different strokes for different folks. Keep at it.

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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.

    I didnt expect it to be a masterpiece, as I said, this really is my first attempt at creating a track using an acapella. I know what you mean about it being a feat just to get it in time, I was at it for a good couple of hours fine tuning the pitch just to get it right! I've heard a few mash ups where they havnt bothered getting the pella and beat in time, and it sounds awful!

    And yep, no musical background at all (unless you class being off my head 10 years ago at all night raves a musical background lol). No music lessons, no musical instruments, just my love for club music!

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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    I thought it was way cool. Pretty unique sound, cool beat, nice use of the a capella. Great work on this one.

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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    this is a pretty good first effort, the first thing i notice tho is that all the sounds on the track are very low pitched.. if you bring the some of the synths for the melody up a bit itll give the song more dimension
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    Default Re: Michael Jackson - They Dont Care (Fletch D&B Remix)

    ^...Yep and also...they way you did it...takes the (diy) sound out the equation...

    alltho this was more (D*N*B) that anything else...had it had more effects/elements

    it could pass 4 some other genre's main club music genre's

    good work 4 your first attempt .....also don't be a fraid 2 diversify CP or your sound

    people will always listen 2 something different (cuz it stands out) even if they end up not liking it.....
    And Welcome 2 crazy pellas....i'm your Remix's/Blends mod....Welcome 2 da club...Peace

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