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Thread: Maddona music remix,org beat

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    Icon14 Maddona music remix,org beat

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    Default Re: Maddona music remix,org beat

    whats up beat master
    i accepted your freind request
    now add me on myspace.
    the intro is very long, cluttered and sometime not on point.
    once the song started
    the pella was a tad bit too loud
    it was good
    you have good direction but need to
    channel it all into one mix
    this had way to much going on.
    keep working man

    twitter . com /djfabonick

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    Default Re: Maddona music remix,org beat

    i gotta agree uptop, the intro was long which doesn't bother me but it seemed like it was on point then off then on and off so on and so on...

    then the when the pella is going its just not on the beat most of the song, sometimes it lines up then it gets off again...

    It's not an easy beat or acapella to remix... i always have trouble with singing songs and that beat is kinda crazy but cool, but you need to place your chopped vocals a little better to get it together...

    But yeah, like above, i'm liking the concept for sure and it sounds like it has a lotta potential once it can come together if you still wanna keep working with it.

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    Default Re: Maddona music remix,org beat

    Cool! This is a nice mix!

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