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Thread: M1 Productions presents...Nas-Made You Look (Remix): MUSIC VIDEO

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    Default M1 Productions presents...Nas-Made You Look (Remix): MUSIC VIDEO

    I finally figured out how to blend some damn audio with videos. lol

    This is a track I made for Made Ya Look off my God's Son Tape that I'm droppin' on 01/01/08 (on New Years Day along with the NKETLK American Gangsta tape). The Nas tape will basically be a remixed version of the entire Gods Son album, and a 2nd CD with about 10 bonus cuts off I Am, Lost Tapes, etc. I'm gonna add some videos for the other tracks that were used as singles, such as I Can and Made Ya Look RMX I did with FLU.

    This is the shorter, simpler version of the track (it'll be a slightly diff version on the tape with some added audio and an actuall intro), but regardless, hope ya'll enjoy

    YouTube - Nas-Made You Look (m1 Productions Remix).

    ^ That;'s the actual YOUTUBE link to the video blend I did for my track. If you have any problems viewing it, you can also view it directly on the myspace (link on the bottom of the post).

    PS: If its possible to embed youtube videos directly through, let me know.

    You can hear some other preview to the mixtape directly through my MYSPACE PAGE, link below: - M1 Beatz (Gods Son Remix: Coming Soon) - EAST ELMHURST, New York - Hip Hop / Rap / R&B -


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    Default Re: M1 Productions presents...Nas-Made You Look (Remix): MUSIC VIDEO

    track sounds good man, the video doesnt seem to have any parts off of the audio. good job. Keep it up

    DJ Erick

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