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Thread: Ludacris - Warning (INV Remix)

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    Default Ludacris - Warning (INV Remix)

    Hey guys, I havent posted anything in a while. Thoughtful feedback will be appreciated and returned if needed.

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    hott sh*t

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    Man Nice try, but it serious Pitch Problems....Pitch as in melody of music to Pitch of Vocals......They are off key, and it doesn't sound very good.
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    Default Re: Ludacris - Warning (INV Remix)

    I donna know....It didnt flow properly I guess...Its an odd blend. I think you could have done better blending the two, or picking a different beat...the beat itself is hot though, probably shoulda picked a better acapella. Good try though..PYNKPUSSSYCAT

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    I Like This Mix, Its Quite Different, But...It Needs A Harder Beat And Bassline...Thats The Only Thing I'm Not Feelin'

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