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Thread: LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch (Mafioso Blend)

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    Default LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch (Mafioso Blend)

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    Default Re: LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch (Mafioso Blend)

    ahh, you used the round round beat
    i like how you cut out the intro
    i used that beat too for one of my mixes.
    im loving this mix
    LMFAO is a cool jam
    and you gave it a GREAT feel to it.
    keep doing your thing

    twitter . com /djfabonick

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    Default Re: LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch (Mafioso Blend)

    Respects! Thanks for the feedback!

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    Default Re: LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch (Mafioso Blend)

    This sound pretty cool bruh. Never heard the song b4, so it definitely sound like an original. E'rything is perfect. Good job.

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