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Thread: Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (DJ Nock So Beautiful Remix)

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    Default Re: Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (DJ Nock So Beautiful Remix)

    The hook really messes this one up. Not bad verses tho, not my cup, but I can see what you was tryna do. for me, its the hook that I dont like, the verse is coo tho

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    Default Re: Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (DJ Nock So Beautiful Remix)

    it sounds like the beat wants the song to be uptempo with high vocals but the vocals from wayne where kinda slow and shitty. i think a better vocal track woulda worked but you did a decent job mixin it.
    agree totally

    hate to tell you
    but i hate beautiful
    and i hate prom queen lol
    but you mixed it well

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    Default Re: Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (DJ Nock So Beautiful Remix)

    BAAAAH I wish the F-word was censored...
    I love the songs Beautiful, and Prom Queen, two of my favorites. Thing is, Prom Queen, when the speed was changed to match Beautiful, was too slow. However, you did an excellent job with the beat in there. It was steady through the whole thing. I loved this mashup. Prom Queen's slowness wasn't on you at all, so excellent job! If it were me, the only thing I would do is do a speed change of the final mix, probably by about 120%. Great job!

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