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Thread: Lil Kim - Suck My D*ck [PHX Mix]

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    Default Re: Lil Kim - Suck My D*ck [PHX Mix]

    real nice mix man, beat goes perfectly with the acapella.. ive never heard the original but this sounds pretty legit
    Let there be loud.

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    Default Re: Lil Kim - Suck My D*ck [PHX Mix]

    DOPE!!! It's nice to hear some katz steppin their blend game up! Don't send everybody your beats, just your blenz with your tag on it! You don't want everybody sounding like you! You just want everybody playin your joint with your tag on it! Keep Elevating... peace!

    Tha Futuristic Pioneer!

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    Default Re: Lil Kim - Suck My D*ck [PHX Mix]

    Thanks 4 the feedback.

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    Default Re: Lil Kim - Suck My D*ck [PHX Mix]

    Thank you for this is echt nice ;)


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