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Thread: `Let it rock Remix

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    Default `Let it rock Remix

    Just a lil remix i did for some1 in 1 day!

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    pretty desent!!!!!!!!

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    Its off. let me rephrase, the tempos match you just lined up the acapella a tad fast, it would make a world of difference if you just knock the acapella back just a smidget. Nice concept tho.

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    I'm not sure rogers, sounds like it should be a tad faster, or either one then it would be a dope mix.

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    Default Re: `Let it rock Remix

    .....and also the beat completely drowned the needed 2 be a bit louder

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    Default Re: `Let it rock Remix

    yup the pella is second off, u actually brought in the pella a tad early, which is whats causing it to sound off


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