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Thread: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

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    Default ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    yeh i fixed it now ..i was gonna fix it before but ...i jus wanted to post it already
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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    the let it rocks in the begining were
    too loud and slightly off
    but when lil waynes verse came on it was perfectly
    synched and when kevins vocals came on
    they were at a better volume and on point.
    and not to mention i also like the beat!
    keep doing your thing.

    twitter . com /djfabonick

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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    pretty sick mix bro..nice to hear a different interpretation of the lollipop a grimey-club feel to it..anyways pretty dope mix..kevin feels a little off but its not terrible..good job...7.5/10
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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    Not bad at all. Nice beat and a very good job mixing in the vocals. No issues with tempo or key, but like Fabo pointed out, there's a bit of volume problems that should be worked out. Still, I'd give it 8.5/10 ... keep on keepin' on.

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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    wow very nice mix!

    have you selfmade the beat? i give 8/10

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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    hey can i have the instru from this song pls`?

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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    man that was pretty good, great job on the mix

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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    thanks guys...
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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    Sound aight to me kid. Maybe its just my ear, but everythind seemed mixed together pretty well.

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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    thanks man

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    Default Re: ''LET IT ROCK'' lollipop 2 beat

    The beat is really dope! much better then the original Lollipop!
    The only thing I have to complain is, that sometimes the acapella sounds out, I mean you hear the reverb of the vocals over the beat. What program are you using? In Reason you can fix that by putting the vocals with the instrumental under the mastering suite!

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