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    You guys probably didn't even notice but I stopped posting for like 1-2 months..well during that time I have been workin' on my mixin' skills. I hope they have improved with Fireman and this new one..i have a few more to post.

    I tried to put 2 different beats in this one too: sorry MIKEYMIKE


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    Ha Ha, lol, I actually liked how you did this one, cuz it didn't last very long, I've actually done this before in my Umbrella mix. Not bad, but the Players International beat goes so long without a beat, and then when the beat kicks in, I can tell you edited the start of Lil Wayne. Not a big deal, but I can tell. So the beginning takes so long with no beat that, I lose interest. Wayne gets a little off in the verse too, but not much. Overall, I would definitely say you've improved. I still like your mom's towel rack in the background of your fuckin' witcha man, keep up the blends, and I'll keep checkin' em out. Your SIG says you RAP, How bout droppin somethin'. I'd Like to hear it.
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    not bad.

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    Yeah bring the actual drums of the the Player's international beat in sooner, other wise it sound pretty good. Though it does have a certain effect the way it is. So I don't know for sure. I think it's a good blend, for the most part it's on beat and I'm always happy when people can get that right.

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    not bad at all i said in ur other post...just keep gettin at it an u will get better an better....

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    wow dude...good shit .. not bad at all .. keep this up ..
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    Creativity was deff there man, i know it was intended to be 4 wayne to be a little low, but only thing i gotta say is you should have broght him up alittle bit more, i like how you did it overall

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