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Thread: Krewella - Alive (Conn3ctedČ Remix)

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    Icon6 Krewella - Alive (Conn3ctedČ Remix)

    hey guys,

    Long post from us....

    we've got a lot of work coming up really soon

    here is a Remix we've just finished yesterday

    would love to get some Feedback of you guys!!!

    thanks a bunch

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    Default Re: Krewella - Alive (Conn3ctedČ Remix)

    I think it's simply amazing the melody part with this vocal, and the drop is also great and sounds very good.
    keep up this good work ;)

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    Default Re: Krewella - Alive (Conn3ctedČ Remix)

    Sounds really good to me. I was wondering, how did you get the vocals alone, What types of programs did you use, and Is it possible to make this without turn tables or anything except programs? I was just wondering because I'm trying to get into the DJ'ing scene just for me and my friends to listen to, nothing major and im trying to get as much help as possible. Im not trying to post jack or whatever you call it. Just wanted to know what programs you used. Overall the song is great and I did enjoy listening to something different for Alive. =D

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    Default Re: Krewella - Alive (Conn3ctedČ Remix)

    Overall Pretty Good.. Nice Drum work. not a fan of the first synth used but thats just my preference , some elements could be leveled out a bit better. Good Work.


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