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Thread: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

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    Icon1 Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    I know a bunch of folks made a remix of this, but I noticed how 80% or so of those are Techno edits/remixes at 132bpm type thing. Don't get my wrong, some of those remixes are really dope but here's a half-time breakdown to 60bpm with raw distorted emotions creating this huge symphonic wall synths that may or may not move you in some way. So you might find it either weird as sh*t or really banging.

    And this is, in a way, my little "experiment". The reason why I say this is because I'm remixing a song that everyone is still trying to make any sense of. So that gives me the opportunity to introduce this particular sound (experimental club music) to that audience which is that type of "Lazerap/GlitchBass/GlitchHop" sound that most people are weirded out wondering "wtf is that?!" haha. So yeah, wall-o-texts aren't so fun to read but if you read all of this kudos and I appreciate that haha.

    So I hope you enjoy this remix as much as I enjoy making the beat for it!

    Holler with them feeds,


    Download: Kanye West - Love Lockdown (LUNICE rmx)

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    Default Re: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    i love the beat, though i think there were parts it didnt seem to go with the style of the song, also i pella seems too low on some parts and the beat drowns the vocals

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    Default Re: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    beat was fire
    but didnt go to well with LLD
    and yes the vocals were a tad low
    but keep doing your thing

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    Default Re: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    nice track, but for is too much electro soundz8/10

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    Default Re: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    The vibe of the beat and vocals don't really mesh. Keep @ it though.

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    Default Re: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    The song was lined up perfect
    the beat was good
    but it sounded too strong for the acapella
    the acapella was too low
    work on it a little and it might be fire!!

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    Default Re: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    tight beat..tho the vocals are too low....fix that cus it wud be a nice mix..

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    Default Re: Kanye West - <3 LockDown (LUNICE rmx)

    DAMN!! That beat was tight. You shoulda maybe put some subz to it for alittle more bass. It sounded like you ran the acapella thru a phaser. That sounded cool too, but you'd have to turn up the acc alil bit more to hang with this kinda trak. I liked it tho, would like to hear it after you've fixed it..

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