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Thread: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

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    Default Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    This track had mixed reviews at my skool. some loved it some thought it didnt match
    i guess it's 1 of those "acqired taste" things.

    well here it is

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    i like deserves 4 stars onli becuz i dont like it wen an acapella has to b speeded up or slowed down to blend

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    It was ok, feelins ome parts of it, dont think beta fit the modd, but technincally it was blended well.

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    it's not bad, it's original I guess, but it was mixed differently than the original version... maybe some people don'T mind, but the flow isn'T the same, and personally I don't like that... like with the "guess who's back", the "guess" shouldn't be on the kick, it should a little after the kick, and it's the same for most of the song... that's why maybe some people don'T like it... but it's original, I'll give you that

    keep it up

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    cool blend...

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    thanks its mixed well, but there like two different moods, one is more of a nice mello track, eminem is just crazy so he should be on a more hyper beat, ya digg?

    no disrespect,

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    i like the way you blended this.....but when he sings its out of key a little bit....might just be me....but overall its a tight blend

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    I really like this, not a fan of the original T-pain vocals and would prefer to listen to this! Nice Job

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    its blended ok but i dont like it really not a good choice of an acapella for an instrumental eminem's too weird for this beat
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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    sorry but it's off, don't know why no one else told you. it just don't go together. nice try though... keep it up

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    Default Re: Just Lose It (I'm A Flirt Remix)

    sorry i dont really like it

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