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Thread: jay-z - allure REMIX

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    Default jay-z - allure REMIX

    just a remix i pulled off of my mixtape to share with y'all, it's one of my favorites.

    sadly, this beat was lost (along with about slightly more than half the beats used on my tape) when my first computer went under, so i can't really change anything..

    jay-z - allure remix

    if you like it, please check out the whole tape. you can download it at my blog or just use the link in my sig.

    thanks in advance!

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    not bad man not bad. the only real problem I have with it is Jay Z's voice, its off key. if you can go back and dampen his voice a little more and throw it down a key or 2 that would work out sweet.

    "Life's not a bitch life is a beautiful woman, you only call her a bitch because she won't let you get that pussy. Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests, or maybe you're just an asshole who couldn't sweet talk the princess”-Aesop Rock, Daylight

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    hmm, no one's ever told me that before.. i can't really hear it, but then again i couldn't go back and change it anyways. thanks for checking it out !


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