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Thread: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

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    Default Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    Blended really nicely with a Ne-yo beat... Def worth a listen
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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    man this track is crazy nice work I"M defeinietly keep this track :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: man nice track

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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. The song has so many views and only 2 comments

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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    it takes a while to gte feed...blend was good, the piano flows really well with jay z's flow and teh drums are so very nice, good mix
    The only rapper that keeps it real is my mans Tai Mai Shu :

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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    nice track

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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    Thanks a lot for all the feedback, I'll be posting another blend soon :thumbup:

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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    pretty nice, cant wait for the next blend

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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    good blend, i am gonna put mine up soon

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    Default Re: Jay-Z Allure Blend (Different)

    nice blend.on beat.nice mix.

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