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Thread: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

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    Default Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    This is my first mix of my intro to my new mixtape struggles vol. 1, to give a sneek peek heres some artists i have on there right now, e-40, akon, chamillionaire, common, lupe fiasco, and a lot more, but anyway for this intro i used the mr jones instrumental and i used the go dj acapella with a few words from td jakes at the end. pleez tell me if you like it or not, and what improvements need to be made, thanx.

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    come on someone give some feedback

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    you gotta give people some time..and people not gonna reply cause you dont too often reply in this section and well people aint gonna jump to reply to u but if you replied to others you would get the favor returned and a lot faster

    im going to reply to you tho cause i hate to see people with zero replies..but for future take the time to reply to at least one audio post and then they will reply to you

    and plus i no u can jus click on a zshare link and listen but a lot of people dont no that use myspace or soundclick

    and this is in the wrong section this should be in the remix blend section

    i dont believe im listening to anyone rap that is why you are not getting any replies also..well people aint even opening this shit

    manny fresh is off beat and its mad boring after the millionth time he said go dj

    what exactly are you trying to do??? u could have mixed some other shit on here what exactly did u do did u make tha beat?? what am i suppose to be given feedback on?

    this is boring man

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    my prob is i have like no dj vocal samples, and this is my first intro so i dont know what kind of stuff needs to be in their, thanx for the truth though cuz this will help me do better

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    aite bro... i'm sorta young in dis dj thing so i cant give u EXTREMELY detailed feedback.. bt i can give u from just a listeners' point of view...

    for one.. i think this is 3 long for an intro... and usually an intro starts with a punch... makes u wanna listen the rest of the intro... cuz most time ppl jus skip thru intros if its lame.. then if d intro lame they jus skip thru the cd... d begining of a cd gotta have a punch. Best u get vocals of artists that are HOT now....and use vocals that are hot NOW..

    Nextly that website ur advertising in the sample... all now i cant make out wat its saying... all i hear is something slash dj rikashay... and d only reason i cud make out d dj rikashay is cuz i kno ur dj rikashay

    As said before d fresh is off beat... from wat i hear so far...

    zshare giving probs and i cant hear the rest.. so later i finish this...

    SUGGESTIONS: Get a better beat.. something new and hot... or get a beat build for it nothing interest people more than a tight beat they never heard before...

    Do like a medley of remixes. Like mixing up some tpain... some joc... some dis .. some dat... while putting some vocals thruought d mix... dunno if u get wa i saying... if not holla at me and i cud try explain it better...

    Keep at it bro,

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    okay thanx, that helps alot

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    imma b real whicha mannie fresh is off beat cha heard sounds like u used dat fruity loops voice thing. get cho own type of signature sound.everyone in da world has used that voice thing.but dis intro doesnt sho your talent. peep me out on myspace i'm a rapper/producer.

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    Ok, it had potential, but it didn't even come close to reaching it. Definately is really repetative. If you ever hear some real fly DJ's intro's, every sentence will have you on the edge of the seat wondering which vocal's, scratching, or beat is gonna be thrown next. Also, I enjoy a lot the DJ's that sit and take one sentence from 60 different songs, and put them together as if they are telling you a story or explaining/describing something. Check out Green Lantern's intro's. They are always amazing. But yeah, you just gotta switch it up and keep it interesting and creative. An intro is a preview of what is coming up in the cd and basically shows almost all of your tricks and movies with in the first minute or minute and a half of the track, so if you don't come correct on the intro, people are going to think the whole thing is wack. Final advice is keep practicing and get more diverse (also, get some more accapellas, vocals, beats, and if you scratch, scratch until the needles break.)

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    alright cool thanx for that advice fam, that really helps, although i havent got my tables yet, first i gotta get a FREAKIN JOB!! Oh did i say that outloud, sorry.

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    :thumbup1: i like it:thumbup1:

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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    Yeah I really can't say much cuz everybody done said it. but It started off pretty cool. Your placement of "Go DJ wasn't exactly on the Down beat so it added a new flavor of emphasis on the words. Interesting at best.
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    Default Re: Intro for new mixtape, leave feedback

    I would suggest throwing in some cuts and scratches of vocal snippets while the "Go DJ" is repeating.

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