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Thread: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

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    Default Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    just a little something i thought sounded good, what you guys think?

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    no comments?

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    wow ... thats nice.... cool 1 bro ... keep it up
    <---Dj Reko On Da Mix--->

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    nice one but the beginning has a random fuzz or breathing noise and its annoying..

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    yea that beginnin was weird...
    but tha shit iz real nice...
    good beat choice...
    good blending...
    great listen,....
    stay up

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    Quote Originally Posted by weavee View Post
    I rap
    I blend
    I beat
    I produce
    I am weavee da boss

    ax me about that weavee blends ya'll
    Well I'm askin' you about those Weevee Blends..... Where are they?

    First of all Every post you put on this Site is Recorded. Here' s where you ask how to blend and what program to use.

    I'm sure you guys know how? What program do you use? I'm completely new to this and I want to find out how to make sweet beats with sweet verses from my favorite rappers..just need something basic that will get the job done. Please help!!
    Here you are Insulting someone's Choice in Download sites.......Although I agree with the Rapidshare statement, It's not really how you approach it.

    quit doing rapidshare!! no one wants u to..i wish there was a fuckin idiot button at the bottom
    The response to this was "Be grateful for what you get!" from an administrator.......

    Dude, you're starting out on the wrong foot in this forum....... BE POLITE.....BE COURTEOUS...... You'll get a lot more in return. (I probably need to take my own advice on this one)

    Don't be a poser either.......I mean you can if you wanna be, but We all see right through it. Great picture by the way that you took in your mom's on the wall gives it away.) Nice pose though.

    Dude I'm more than willing to help someone in this forum, but you gotta come correct. Don't Pose like a DJ. Don't be a harsh Critic, when you haven't even posted a single mix or blend yourself. Don't Cuss someone for posting an acapella FREE for you to download..... I mean come on.

    As for your question on Best program. VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE - MP3 Mixing Software -
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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    I liked it brah, Kinda of different on a dance beat like that. Nice job.
    For the HOTTEST Remixes check out

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    cool, id give it a thumbs up, i liked how it blended
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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    wow,i wulde have never thought of blending these two..gude job..sounds pretty gude

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    thanks, i would of never thought of blendin them either, but i came across it by accident and decided it sounded good, so i gave it a shot.

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    Default Re: Hypnotized - Plies f. Akon (Low blend)

    chea... this is sumthang right here... id defo spend this inna club.... peeps would be feelin it.... good work mayne...

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