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Thread: How 2 become an Elite Artist

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    Default How 2 become an Elite Artist

    Listen up all
    Originaly posted by Efdouble

    if you want access to the elite fourm this is what you have to do. You have to follow the rules at all times and give real feedback to artist and their music. Honest and helpful feedback without any drama. If you are an elite artist you are not only masterful at what you do you are the type of person that can help others grow as artist as well. The best artist become teachers and thats what we trying to do build up a group of elite artist that are truely here about elevation and support

    so if you dont want any real feedback then continue to give half ass replies, start fights, and not follow rules you will not gain access to the Elite section.

    Perks of being an elite artist are...if you cannot we will upload your songs with non dying links
    twice a month you will be allowed to post without replying
    you get feedback from CP staff and other elite artist
    and much more

    follow the rules post a lot and become an elite CP artist..PEACE!

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    Default Re: How 2 become an Elite Artist

    I hear you and totally agree. Sounds good man.
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    Default Re: How 2 become an Elite Artist

    so may i ask how will we become an elite artist? thru application or the cp staff will be observing everyone's post and etc?

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    Default Re: How 2 become an Elite Artist

    ok dumb question i c d application post now

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    Default Re: How 2 become an Elite Artist

    ok that sounds good

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    Default Re: How 2 become an Elite Artist

    Thats How I've Always Been, I Always Try To Help Anyway Can, Thru Collab's Or Dj's And Friends That Come Over And Wanna Know My Special Technique's

    Thanks For The Post Cesare Borgia, I'm New But I'm Sure I'll Make It To The Elite Status In No Time.


    Its Great Working With You Cuz I Know All Da Tracks Will Come Out Great~Dj Excrucial.~

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    Default Re: How 2 become an Elite Artist

    I agree also that sounds good


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