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Thread: Get down and blow my buzz - D12/gene chandler

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    Default Get down and blow my buzz - D12/gene chandler

    D12 - Blow my Buzz - accapella
    Gene Chandler - Get Down- Instrumental

    D12 all disco'd up - quite a journey this one, the vocal and instrumental keep stopping and starting, but together, at the right times.

    1 minute its a rap over a tune, then talking over an interlude, then back again.

    The D12 accapella is a bit savage but anyone who is a fan of them, should like this mashup.

    Please look at my blog about the 70 mashups on the myspace page, and follow the link from there

    >>myspace link<<

    There are some other better trax:

    White coincidence - Chali 2na v white stripes

    Golden sgt fame - J5 v bowie v beatles

    should be enuff for now

    comments n feedback appreciated

    Mr B
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    Default Re: Get down and blow my buzz - D12/gene chandler

    good blend, the acapella fit the beat well. I only checked this one though, i'll try checking out some more of your work when i got some more time because you got alot over there. Keep it up

    DJ Erick

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    Default Re: Get down and blow my buzz - D12/gene chandler

    Yeah... If you like that you should love the - white coincidence joint... its a bit more raw...

    let me know what you guys think


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