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Thread: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

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    Default Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    yo waddap everyone I'm an upcomin producer and I'm not really into mixing and stuff but how this one started was I made the beat from scratch without any acapella in mind, after I made the club beat I put the acapella on and tried to mix it as best as I could well this is what you get so tell me what you think off my first remix.!!

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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    first off, the beat was sick , i liked it, although right when diddy started his first verse it sounded rushed, as if a bar was missin in the beat. The mix itself was nice u made everything fit together, but even though it was on beat Akon didnt seem to sound all the great on the hook, the way he says the lyrics makes it seem a tad to fast for the beat.

    And if ur not really into mixing pella's onto ur beats, then i gotta say this was actually really good for a starting point, cuz ur not bad at all

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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    yes this beat is fire man
    diddy did sound a tad bit rushed
    but he was on point
    now AKON sounds rushed
    but all in all this mix is hot
    luda sounded real good
    keep it up man
    great debut

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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    yeah man this is a nice mix..
    akon does seem to need to be a lil more high pitched but other than that its a good'n..
    the beat is fukn ace man!!!
    good work!!

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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    Hey thanks guys I really appretiate it, theres actually a mistake in the first chorus where one of the rumble drums are off by a tiny bit, u dont hear it messed up in the other chorus's so they sound better but yeah I was just trying to make a club banger and I made that then I thought what club banger lyrics might sound good on this....haha and here it was kinda a musical accident d('.^) haha

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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    yo man.. good debut mix.. the mix is pretty decent ma dude.. keep up the good work man. looking foward to see some more from u.. peace
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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    Good job for your 1st homie. Beat is knockin too. Keep up tha good work.

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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    the joint is cool,the beat is tight.. everything pretty much flows well.keep up the good work.1

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    Default Re: Get buck in here - First Xubie Mix (Debut!!!)

    this mix is hot bro.. good choice for a debut... the beat is hot n the vocals r on point bro
    only thing that got me was the intro.. it was too long for my taste.. other than that its straight
    look forward to hearin more work from u xubie.. keep it up man

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