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Thread: Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix]

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    Default Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix]

    Posted a song I produced with him a while back and here is another. He did this song originally to the light up drake beat and gave me the pella to make a beat for this snippet one verse. Tell me what you guys think.

    Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix].mp3 - DivShare

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    Default Re: Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix]

    yes yes this is that ish fam, beat dope as fuk verse flowin like water, damn near thought nas was gonna drop in, sound like something he would have killed imo, but still the whole mix/vibe was dope as hell, need another trizzack like this playa, nice drop...peace!!!!

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    Default Re: Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix]

    ifuks wit it!

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    Default Re: Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix]

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ SHAWNE View Post
    damn near thought nas was gonna drop in, sound like something he would have killed
    :My thoughts exactly.

    This jaun is hot man. Definately left us with a cliff hanger here! Beats sick, pella's on point, just need a full song!

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    Default Re: Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix]

    really sick man, the beat is insane. idk how you do it but you keep getting better and better haha, keep it up!

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    Default Re: Gene D - Trapped [PHX Mix]

    Yeah nice track here!The beat go's hard and i agree with DJ SHAWNE sounds like something nas would rock over..Nice job i voted average..

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    i like this mix. nice beat. guitar is nice drums are powerful. great music. if you got time maybe you can also check me out? it will help me alot man. keep helping other artists SoundClick artist: HD Production - page with MP3 music downloads


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