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2pac is My favorite Artist And I make Remixes of him because i like them, If yall dont wanna hear pac dont listen to my mixes, cuz 90% of them will have him in it at somepoint, Pac is the real king of Rap, Not these Lil wayne's and T-Pains, and These Rapper/Pop icons, sorry but I'm sick of people hatin on good pac remixes, If he were still alive He would still be at the top, I'm Not a Pac dickrider, He's just my favorite
Didnt mean to thank you but there you got it anyway, but hell yeah I couldnt agree more. Pac is King and always will be, hes my favorite so i mix him. But anyway nice mix but i dont fuck with 50. Like Pac and Em sounds real good. Maybe you caould have put Ems verse in front of Pac and made Pac come in right before he says I just dont give a fuck but 8.5/10

I understand what yall mean about too many Pac mixes, dont get me wrong im a fan of Wayne but theres to many Wayne mixes in my opinion, and if you dont wanna fuckin listen to Pac then shut the fuck up and don't listen to Pac.