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Thread: Eminem ft Obie Trice - Drips [PHX Mix]

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    Default Eminem ft Obie Trice - Drips [PHX Mix]

    Something I finished up last night. Trying to make sure I keep as much of my stuff out there as possible. So hope as usual you enjoy the beat and the track period.

    Eminem ft Obie Trice - Drips [PHX Mix].mp3 - DivShare

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    Default Re: Eminem ft Obie Trice - Drips [PHX Mix]

    good to see u stay active with the remixes and the remix was mixed up pretty good i just did not like the hook on this remix, beat was bangin and everything lined up well, that damn hook killed it for me imo and seem like it was just a lil pitchy, overall solid remix and solid beat keep it up phx like the effort...peace!!!

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    Default Re: Eminem ft Obie Trice - Drips [PHX Mix]

    Yeah I was gonna go with a different hook, but couldn't really think of anything else to do with the hook that would fit so just left it as is. Glad you liked it apart from that tho.

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    Default Re: Eminem ft Obie Trice - Drips [PHX Mix]

    Nice beat first of all fam, definitely original. Pella coulda been upd alil. Hell yeah, that beat is sick lol. Iono son, the hook sound aight to me tho. This good shit. Ayo, youve missed a few of my posts, lol i know ive been droppin alot lately. I try to at least drop 1-2 a week now...

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    Default Re: Eminem ft Obie Trice - Drips [PHX Mix]

    actually i thought you make only Pac's remixez,but i can see you made another one and its a good one!
    nice pella, good intro, Em's sounds so good with that beat!


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