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Thread: Drum and Bass welcome?

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    Default Drum and Bass welcome?

    Ok so I live in Denver, Colorado where they would rather listen to Billy Ray Cyrus' imbread hillbilly ass than a good drum and bass track so I understand if people don like it... but for those of you who do:

    Remix of Madworld by Tears for Fears... but this was the one from Donny Darko & that Gears of war commercial. At the time I only had just purchased Logic and I used a Shitty home theater system as monitors... Hope you like it LOL

    On a side note Thx site! I never knew such resources existed I will be working/posting stuff as I finish it... <---if you wanna DL it

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    Default Re: Drum and Bass welcome?

    if you up it to zshare you will get feedback./

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    Default Re: Drum and Bass welcome?

    sorry didn't like this song at all the drum track is too up beat for the song it ruins the vibe
    and i don't know what that sound is in the background ....monkeys or something but that's just stupid by the the artist of this song is Michael Andrews just so you know

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    It's pretty good. I love that you used the sample of the soundtrack in the intro. Like Villain, I'm not a fun of the laughing and monkey noises in the background. Maybe some other kind of sound effect, more subtle would be better. Also maybe put a filter on the piano bit that starts, it feels to acoustic with everything else. I like the synthy harmony bit that comes later. Overall if it lost the monkey noises I'd be happy putting it in my dj set.

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    Default Re: Drum and Bass welcome?

    yeah ,,, z-share it and i'll give u feedback on this one



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    Default Re: Drum and Bass welcome?

    I Took the liberty of uploading this for you....deff feeling the whole's always good 2 listen 2 a good DNB track..i think the elements needed to be slightly louder...but it didn't sound bad @ all....good work

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