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Thread: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

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    Default Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    1st post to CP. Made this remix for Drake Forever off the acapella last week. Would like some feedback...Thx OPV

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    Intrested beat, neva heard it before%)
    The pellas sounds good with that beat, but like in original track, the hook is a bit off,but its not your fault.
    Not bad at all, keep it up.

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    Thx for the feedback - yeah that hook is wierd to work with. I made the beat last year and it happened to be the right bpm for the pella....OPV

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    yeah this fat mann!!!!!

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    Eh this is alright, just something I'm not feeling about it. I mean it's decent but that's about it. The hook does indeed sound weird with this beat but it is kind of hard to work with as it only sounds good with certain beats.

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    at first when i was listening to this i was wondering why you chose the beat, but then its been growing on me. I think that the choruses and verses line up real well with the beat and overall good job.

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    Yeah, tha verses sound great, but tha hooks is kinda weird, maybe cuz u can kinda hear tha music from tha diy? Iono, but it works for me.. Good job fam.

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    aint feeling the mix bro!
    Someday I'll be up there Djing to thousands of people
    for now I'll get lost in a dream full of imaginations
    DJ| S-P-I-D-3-R
    L!V3 Y0nR W0RLD PL@Y IN M!N3

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    Default Re: Drake Forever Remix - OPVmusic

    Beat aint bad man and the verses sound real nice..
    the chorus is off pitch-wise and seein as it starts with chorus it sets the whole track up for a fall..
    dont get it twisted tho i loved how the verses sound and i think if you change the pitch of the actual beat then this could sound awesome..
    one more thing, weezy goes well off and the chorus following is off too but when shady comes in its fine again


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