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Thread: DJ Streetz & Nas - Rewind Blend

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    Default DJ Streetz & Nas - Rewind Blend

    this is one i just threw together...didnt take much but i like it...not much exciting feeling but its tight...let me know what u think...the only thing sucks about its the clean version...ive been lookin for the cussin in it...just cant find the fuckin shit another thing is that many people tell me...when i do blends...its the type of shit that should go on a clue tape or sometin eastcoast....i dunno most of yall heard my type of tracks...u be the judge. thanks an leave some feedback...say i suck or sometin...hating always makes me keep going lol

    dj streetz - rewind ft. nas.mp3 - 2.18MB

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    Default Re: DJ Streetz & Nas - Rewind Blend

    That beat is heavy did you produce this? It goes really well with the track and the production is clean and tight. nice simple beat with the cowbell in the background , nice one. Keep that ish up man, im loving it.

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    Default Re: DJ Streetz & Nas - Rewind Blend

    nah he didnt produce the beat... that shits oldschool lol... ive heard it b4 somewhere, or at least the concept of it... oh and yea the edited version doesnt do his verse justice


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