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Thread: (DJ RASCAL REMIX) AZ - Problems

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    Default (DJ RASCAL REMIX) AZ - Problems

    New mix
    trust me it's better than my last lol

    'AZ - Problems' by DJ rascall - SoundClick song info
    Rascal Grafix
    Get at me!

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    Default Re: (DJ RASCAL REMIX) AZ - Problems

    This aint to bad, it grabs the beat in some parts and in others it strays a little, I feal like the hook could have been filled out just a little more but either way it aight, all in all id give it a 6/10, not bad.

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    Default Re: (DJ RASCAL REMIX) AZ - Problems

    woah this is loud, really really loud, but this is better than the other AZ one but AZ is going a little fast for the beat, what makes it so obvious is the voice in the background is like a tracker lol. But yeah it was better than the other one though. keep it up.

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    Default Re: (DJ RASCAL REMIX) AZ - Problems

    i agree with the 2 cats b4 really works n some parts...n others it strays a lil off beat....i think u might wanna lower the music a lil so the vocals blend n smoother with it....or either raise the vocals....def not bad tho.

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    Default Re: (DJ RASCAL REMIX) AZ - Problems

    wait wait wait hold up hold up HOLD THE FUCK UP!

    where did you get this acapella?!

    this is one of my favorite songs ever, if you could hook up the pella thatd be fuckin amazing!

    anyway the blend is decent, try to fix it to be on beat and it could be a banger


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