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Thread: Dj-Pillz Presents -You Thought I Died-2006 Mixtape

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    Default Dj-Pillz Presents -You Thought I Died-2006 Mixtape

    Track listing
    01.One Day At A time -2pac Ft Nas
    02.Troublesome06 Part II -2pac Ft 50cent
    03.Times Up -2pac Ft Biggie and JadaKis
    04.Changes -2pac
    05.Dear Mama -2pac
    06.Life I lead -2pac Ft 50 Cent
    07.Black Cotton -2pac Ft B.I.G
    08.Let them thangs go -2pac Ft B.I.G
    09.Deadly Combination -2pac Ft B.I.G and BigL
    10.Looking Hard -2pac Ft B.I.G
    11.To the day i die -2pac Ft B.I.G
    12.Life on deathrow -2pac Ft Ludacris and Eminem
    13.Nothin To loose -2pac
    14.Still Ballen -2pac
    15.Thug Style -2pac
    16.When We Ride On our Eniemies -2pac
    17.Story of a Warrior(Tribute too tupac) -2pac Ft Eminem Loydbanks Nate Dogg And 50cent

    Comments are Welcome
    Look out for my next mixtape.


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    Default Re: Dj-Pillz Presents -You Thought I Died-2006 Mixtape

    Very Good THX 4 THIS


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