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Thread: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

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    Default (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    I had to chop the instrumental up and loop it so that it wouldnt keep having the chorus that starts up in the begining playin so tell me watcha think iight thnx

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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    sorry man... not really feelin it. maybe its cuz of the bad quality. this is beggin 4 masterin, shud sound tight when its redone.

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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    i agree with showbiz the quality is pretty bad... if u fixed that it would sound a lot better.

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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    i think Kayne dont sound that hot when he's slowed down the way u did it... obvously gotta agree wit whats been said... quality is not perfect.... but u work on it a lil bit and u shud have sumthang...

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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    Quality is horrible, i personally uploade the instrumental Search 4 it, gotta agree with showbiz Re-doing this would give people a better feel 4 it instead of focusing on the bad quality,

    I'm feeling the concept, but gotta agree with icepick when he said "i think Kayne dont sound that hot when he's slowed down" also the background off stronger comes out within the track,
    i would love for you to Re-submit it.

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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    dude... its not bad,,, but everything need to be fixed with it had been told just work on it .. i really like the way u remix'd it ... kayne would love to hear this 1 .. JUST FIX IT .. and belive me when u redo a remix .. it will sound alot better ..and u will know everything that need to be fixd . keep it up .. waiting for the fixed remix of this .. peace
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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    thnx alot for the feed back on this guys i apreciate it i thought the same thing about it and i wanted to make sure and get some opinions on it but i will try to work on it good lookin out everyone

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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    word its not that bad but the sound quality is horrible nothin that cant

    be fixed though a lil to loud on the beat need to maybe fixed the audio

    levels but all and all redo it and it will be off the hook i would love to hear


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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    deff could sound much better if u remake it, i like ur creativity on it, and i know if u can hit the right points with a great quality track, it would sound fresh

    DJ Erick

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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    Hey Blankito! What's going on!
    Wow, lots of harsh critique on that huh?... Don't worry to much about it too much.. Take it as direction and good info... Take the points you like and drop the negatives you don't.

    While I don't totally agree with these guys! It's true that when you slowdown an acapella, it does kinda sound unpleasent to the ear... Only because the ear is used to the original tempo of the vocal! I personally don't like it when any DJ (Even Envy, Kay Slay, Or ANYONE) speeds up or slows down an acapella.. That's just my personal preference.

    My advice is to try and work around the tempo of the acapella.. If that means, you speed up the sample or slow down the sample - That's fine because that's the beat.. Just work in the space provided by the artist I guess!

    I really liked the opening though, I think it would be a hot remix.. Try and catch the tempo of the regular track and then - speed up or slowdown the sample (pitch shift it) to fit kanye's tempo.

    Overall, I really liked your creativity here and I feel you have a super cool 'idea' for a remix!
    Keep it up! And let me know if you ever decide to come back to this remix!


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    Default Re: (DJ BLANKITO) Kanye West-Stronger Remix

    the song seems good but the quality is very bad.......!!!



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