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Thread: Dead Prez - Bigger than Hip-Hop (Remix)

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    Default Dead Prez - Bigger than Hip-Hop (Remix)

    Hey people! Wasapnin?? Just thought I'd come and drop this remix I did yesterday, its my 1st ever remix and I think it came out great. I produced the instrumental myself and am still going to record my own song over it but I was so keen to try something new and I remixed a Dead Prez acapella in to my beat. Anyway, let me know what you all think! -peace


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    Default Re: Dead Prez - Bigger than Hip-Hop (Remix)

    sounds offbeat to me
    its selfproduced right?

    what i do when i mix a pella (and dont have an idea yet):
    1. i check the bpm of the acapella's track
    2. i check what beats with similar bpm i got
    3. i will try some of them, its always better to try more beats so u find the perfect choice (shit i been testing like 20 beats for some acapellas, but at the end there was atleast 1 perfect 1) ;)

    good luck for the future

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    Default Re: Dead Prez - Bigger than Hip-Hop (Remix)

    yeah self produced bro, my 1st ever attempt at a remix with other rappers vocals lol and ok cheers 4 the feed, much appreciated! =) -peace


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