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Thread: DAWSON DJ PACK 01 (25 DJ Friendly Edits & Remixes)

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    Default DAWSON DJ PACK 01 (25 DJ Friendly Edits & Remixes)

    Not sure if it's allowed to post full packs as I haven't been on here in around 5 years, but every now and then I will be uploading packs of remixes and dj friendly edits from my personal collection and I thought I would re-register with this site to share them with you guys. I have copied and pasted the ext below from my Facebook page:

    There has been a lot of demand for me to upload packs of remixes and DJ-friendly edits rather than single links, so after a very long time I'm finally saying goodbye to Zippyshare, and hello to MEGA - where there are no restrictions on file size or traffic. From now on I'll be throwing 25 random tracks from my personal collection together into regular packs, including my old releases from AV8 Records, Dramamix, Rated H, YourRemix etc. You can still buy them from the Labels, but I have decided to share them for free to say thank you for all the love and support. I have always had a strong focus on remixing and editing hard to mix songs eg. varying tempos, lesser known and unreleased songs eg. indie labels and combining underground beats with the songs we all know and love. I will be continuing this trend across a range of genres, including, but not limited to Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep, DNB, Nu-Disco, Top 40, Electro etc and will also be including Transitions, Throwbacks, Minimixes etc every now and then, so there will be something in there for everyone.

    If you have requests, just send me your 320kbps MP3s and I'll sort you out! Here is the first Pack!ak50XB7A!ZBo-z3...R5PS2xtUf1HkEA

    Bobby Brackins - Stay On It (Dawson Edit) 78 BPM
    Busta Rhymes - Twerk It (Dawson Edit) 75 BPM
    Chris Brown - Look At Me Now (Dawson 2013 Edit) 72 BPM
    DJ Fresh - Hypercaine (Dawson Bootleg)
    DJ UNK - Walk It Out Remix (Dawson Edit) 080 BPM
    Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg - I Just Wanna Fuck You (Dawson Intro)
    Fat Joe - Yellow Tape (Dawson Intro) 70 BPM
    Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off (Dawson Intro) 115 BPM
    Hoodie Allen - No Interruption (Dawson Edit) 103 BPM
    Illy - Rock And Roll (Dawson Edit) 91 BPM
    Kid Ink - Bad Ass (Dawson Edit) 70 BPM
    LAD - Ridin Low (Dawson Hook First Intro) 099 BPM
    Notorious BIG - Party And Bullshit (Dawson Remix) 87 BPM
    One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Dawson Edit) 124 BPM
    Outkast - Roses (Dawson Intro) 109 BPM
    Pharrell Williams - Happy (Dawson LQ Intro) 80-160 BPM
    R Kelly, Snoop Dogg - Thats That Shit (Dawson Edit) 82 BPM
    Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music (Dawson 2013 Edit) 127 BPM
    Rihanna - Where have you been (Dawson 2013 Edit) 128 BPM
    Showtek - Slow Down (Dawson Big As Fuck Edit) 130 BPM
    Skrillex - Bangarang (Dawson Paint Party Edit) 110 BPM
    Taio Cruz - Little Bad Girl (Dawson 2013 Edit) 128 BPM
    Taylor Swift - Trouble (Dawson Soft Edit) 128 BPM
    Televisor - Alliance (Dawson Edit) 125 BPM
    Timeflies - I Choose You (Dawson Edit) 128 BPM

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    Default Re: DAWSON DJ PACK 01 (25 DJ Friendly Edits & Remixes)

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