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Thread: Ciara - Promise [PHX Mix]

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    Default Ciara - Promise [PHX Mix]

    Something I did about a week ago just now uppin it. I'm planning on doing a rnb mixtape sometime next year so did this joint. So let me know what u think and if u haven't already check out my Pac/Big mixtape

    Ciara - Promise [PHX Mix].mp3 - DivShare

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    Default Re: Ciara - Promise [PHX Mix]

    great job makin ciara sound in key on this pella, beat was a perfect match and everything was lined up pretty good, the only thing i hear that could be touched up a just a smidge is the hook, not horrible but i guess its just the way she sings the hook, still overall this is another hot track from phx, tighten up the hook a lil and this is a smash fo real, keep droppin heat fam like what u doing and look forward to hearing the r-n-b mixtape and yeah playa's check his mixtape out its worth the listen and dont hesitate on feedback especially those that need some talent points no better way to get alot of points...peace!!!

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    Default Re: Ciara - Promise [PHX Mix]

    As shawne stated in another thread, your versatility is great. It seems like you can spin pretty much anything and make a great mix (as you have shown on this one). I will def be on the lookout for your next mixtape. Big ups!!

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    Default Re: Ciara - Promise [PHX Mix]

    Thanks for the feedback guys looking for more tho.

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    great mix man...I feel the hook needs some re-working, but overall I love it

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    Default Re: Ciara - Promise [PHX Mix]

    Very smooth bro, beat on point as usual. A deeper bassline woulda made it perfect to make it alil thicker, but still feelin it nonetheless. Smooth just smooth....


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