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Thread: Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix

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    Icon10 Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix

    Here goes my 1st music post here.

    Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix 120bpm
    Link: - Booty Music - Git Fresh (Dj Nuold) ASV Remix 12...

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    Default Re: Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix

    tip #1 upload your mix to ZSHARE
    no one likes to have to download the mix
    when we can just stream it on zshare.
    you will get more feedback that way
    the scratches are definetly hot.
    you really smashed this
    i love the "re-edit" of the song
    you did a realy good job everything is on point

    twitter . com /djfabonick

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    Default Re: Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix

    vibe was nice, definately a club banger to me, scratches were nice if u did them and everything was clean all the way throughout the remix, keep it up man shoit was nice will look for more form u...peace!!!!

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    Default Re: Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix

    Thanks Guys...
    Imma post up more tracks soon & thanks for the love
    Bout the uploading..sorry bout it & yeah i will def upload it in Zshare fo sho next time.
    Thanks again..

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    Default Re: Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix

    Hey man i really liked this song... seems like nobody really got to listen to it so im gonna reply to bump it back to the top. 8/10 keep it up and i hope to hear more music from u in the future.

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    Default Re: Booty Music - Dj Nuold Remix

    Well at least it was worth the download,
    It was matched up well and flowed together nicely
    If anyone is reading this wondering if they should download it or not
    DO IT!!

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