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Thread: bonethugs-apologise home

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    Default Re: bonethugs-apologise home

    im not sure how i feel about this
    not my fav thing i have ever heard
    but def not the worst thing i have
    hmm im kinda speechless
    its ok lol

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    The pella and the mental def fit with eachother and this is the kinda shit that I like to see created. But Bone just fuckin runs laps around the beat and it doesnt really sound like it fits at all. I like the idea but it just didnt fit 6/10

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    Default Re: bonethugs-apologise home

    Good try, just gotta werk out afe wthings, get it more on point, its hard to mix bonethugs since they sing, getting evrything on key is a bitch.
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    Default Re: bonethugs-apologise home

    maan this was soundin smart at the beginnin, the bone thugs vox shud be way louder as the apologize vox seem so loud.. the 2nd verse was a lil off too..
    nice idea tho man..
    check my version out and lemme kno what ya think......


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    Default Re: bonethugs-apologise home

    Maybe its just me but Bone just didnt sound right on this, transitions were a okay, need a little work, and the vocals were hard to hear, Bone is hard to Mix Though, Good idea, It just didnt sound good to me, sorry 6/10

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    Default Re: bonethugs-apologise home

    yeah it was just an attempt..the pella was too long so i couldnt get it rite...anywayz thanks for the feedback

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