My three replies.

this is a new club set i made i'm gonna put sumthin like this in my next mixtape. it's mostly bay area stuff let me know what u think.

1-intro - dj mark marcelo mix, also added a few things to spice it up.
2-team its gettin hot
3-hyphie (dj smerk )
4-knows my name (dj smerk)
5-e-40 tell me when 2 go
6-e-40 tryna leave wit sumthin
7-team go
only played parts of the songs to save space but will include a verse or two and two hooks on the officall mix when i'm done. anyother bay area slappers u want me to include in the set?

I also wanted to know if u guys liked the 4th track in the set, busta rhymes vs. keak da sneak, or this one better it's The federation - go dumb pella on the same beat. I wanted the theme for the set to be mostly yay area stuff, but i'll use which ever one u like best.