Second post. Second pack! I will be releasing a pack every month! These bootlegs are in high demand. Nothing but the highest quality and A LOT of work wen't into them. I even included an HD video remix of new track "This is love". It is my first ever video remix made in final cut pro. Hope you enjoy!!



1.Finally Gangnam Style Happened To Knas (BASOMATIK Bootleg)
2.Kangaroos Have A Good Time Under Starlight (BASOMATIK's Quickie Bootleg)
3.Epic Atom (BASOMATIK Private Bootleg)
4.Bitchez Love Cake (BASOMATIK Private Edit)
5.Party, Bullshit, and Light Em Up Molly! (BASOMATIK Bootleg)
6.Speakers Express Themselves (BASOMATIK Bootleg)
7.We'll Be Coming Back To Those Years (BASOMATIK Bootleg)
8.This is ALL The Love (BASOMATIK Edit)
9.Mike Gomes-Unity For The First Time (BASOMATIK Bootleg)
10.Avicii Vs. Flo-Rida-Whistle On Your Last Dance (BASOMATIK Bootleg)
11.As Long As You Love Zeus (BASOMATIK Bootleg)

*BONUS* This is ALL The Love (BASOMATIK Edit) (Video Remix)