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Thread: a Blend

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    Default Re: a Blend

    if its lil wayne im screaming
    wow, you slowed the HELL out of that beat
    im going to stab you with all these lil waynes mix
    this is a hot mess.
    it doesnt work over the beat.
    the beat is WAY TO SLOW
    a the flow doesnt match the beat
    keep grinding khwame

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    Default Re: a Blend

    acapella wasn't really on beat very much in the beginning and some other sections too. I'd like to have seen more of an intro to it before you brought in the vocals, too. Also, it seems like the phrases of the beat didn't match the phrases of the vocals, so if you could line those up that might sound better. Good beat selection though, I'd say use it again with a different vocal cause its nice.

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    c'mon man... you gotta be listenin to ur mixes b4 u post them... i don't understand how u could listen to this and think it works man. I don't mean any offensive and youve put some good mixes on here but this one is terrible.

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    Default Re: a Blend

    khawme im going to stop replying to your blend starting now because your not getting any better nor listening to ur feed

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    Default Re: a Blend

    this ish is off.
    like bad.\

    da mentals way to slow..
    even faster i dont think it'd work real well.

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    Default Re: a Blend

    you dont slow the beat down u slow the acapella down fuck is dis shit lol.listen to ur feed bro only way u going to get better.

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    Default Re: a Blend

    I have to agree with everyone else. This blend does not work. It's off in the beginning and the beat is WAY too slow. I guess you wouldn't notice it if you've never heard that song before but most people have heard it.

    Just an FYI, just because you can match tempo or bpm of two songs doesn't necessarily mean they should be blended together.

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    I also gotta agree with all who have posted...This does not work..Even if the tempos were matched, tha harmonics are clashing...not all pellas go with all tracks, based solely on tempo!! And I dont think these would have worked even if the tempos were perfectly matched

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    Default Re: a Blend

    k one stop with so much wayne i dont think its possible to ride his nuts anymore for real bro we seen you starting to develop a style in your own music and alla sudden you went back to waynes nuts? two, this shit is like wtf? whyd you slow the beat not to mention wayne already spit on this beat on his on mix so wouldnt you do somethin a lil different? and like ef said you dont listen to your feedback and you needa start cause we got love for you and tryin to help you but you ride wayne too much and dont listen to us
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    Default Re: a Blend

    Terrible just plain fuckin terrible, next time you make a mix go to your school or work and ask HONEST people that like hip hop to take a listen and let them tell you what they think, seriously i feel bad cuz if you take all the times i have commented on your shit and the little points i give you for it, alll those points i have given you probably barely equal 10 total points on the 4 or 5 tracks from you i have posted on. Listen to your fuckin feedback or dont post shit!

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