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Thread: 50 cent- outta control (over an obie beat)

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    Default 50 cent- outta control (over an obie beat)

    just wanna know wot ppl think of this remix i made ages ago, its the first 1 i made so it might not be good, but feedback would be great (and its just the first verse, i forgot about it and never finished it, only remembered about it the other day)
    I replied to:
    1 Tupac - Until The End Of Time (Blend)
    2 *Djizzo - Chris Brown feat Sean Paul (YB) - Yo Girl*
    3 Kanye West feat. 2Pac - Gold Digger (RaCs Remix)
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    Default Re: 50 cent- outta control (over an obie beat)

    for a first remix that is quality, but you should do it again and have the volume for the vocals little bit up, the beat is kinda drowing it. Anyways good work.:thumbup:

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    Default Re: 50 cent- outta control (over an obie beat)

    yeah the vocals are a little low... the beat shines over it... for a first joint this is pretty good... i like the song, better than the original? nah... but its a good re... keep droppin...



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