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Thread: 50 Cent, Biggie - Ryder Music

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    Default 50 Cent, Biggie - Ryder Music

    my blends - 50 cent biggie - rider music -----z w ass like that eminem.mp3 - 6.60MB

    50 Cent, Biggie - Ryder Music

    A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: 50 Cent, Biggie - Ryder Music

    This one definitely slipped under the radar. The biggie verse is lit!! the 50 hook is not bad...good execution. The only one negative I heard was the acapella was a bit too low, but the verse was nasty tho, good work.

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    Icon14 Re: 50 Cent, Biggie - Ryder Music

    yeah man nice mix..
    i agree wit tha dude above tho, pella's a lil low..
    and i thought the biggie verse was thrown in at the wrong time but that could just be my un-experienced ear..

    anywayz, both pella's worked really well over the slim instrumental which was unexpected..

    over all, a nice chilled mix


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