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Thread: 3 Remixes I've made

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    Default 3 Remixes I've made

    Well, I had to put them on Youtube because I didn't want to put them up on a temporary server like sendspace or something like that. I'm wanting to get a soundclick, but I don't know if you can post obvious, blatant remixes on there.

    There are three remixes, In the End by Linkin Park, Remember the Name by Fort Minor, and Coming Undone by Korn. I hope you enjoy them.

    In the End:

    Remember the Name

    Coming Undone

    Since they're all on Youtube, they're not very high quality. I'm not a great mixer, I'm certainly not a DJ... Go Easy on me.

    Everything you hear was started and finished in Sony Acid 5.0 and nothing else.

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    Default Re: 3 Remixes I've made

    The Coming Undone is good....
    i'm not listen 2 rock much but i like your version :D
    keep doing your thing Reflectionist
    an let us hear more from you



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    Default Re: 3 Remixes I've made

    yo the in the end is tight i like smooth vibe you gave it
    remember the name sounds official i like what you did with it nice touch
    coming undone sounds dope ILL WORK on it
    Keep Doin Your Thang homie

    DJ MCS

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    Default Re: 3 Remixes I've made

    Thanks for the input, guys!

    What could be improved upon though?

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    Default Re: 3 Remixes I've made

    its pretty gud i diiggg it should low down the acapella..just a tiny it blends all well...ohkay...nice thoo..i'll bee watckhing for more...

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    Default Re: 3 Remixes I've made

    wow i'm feeling the remember the name and coming undone mix a lot yo. great work. i don't see anything else to add on. good job

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