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Thread: 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

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    Default 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

    tha last beat i made was a club banger but this time ive switched tha shit up and ive made a beat for tha streets

    2pac thug stlye (og beat)

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    Default Re: 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

    i have 100% had it with pac mixes.
    your mix isnt bad
    pac is a little low
    the beat is nice though
    keep grinding

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    Default Re: 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

    definately like the beat fa sho, but im with fabo oin this one i have heard enough pac at this point, and i wanted to point out to u wuga that its not that i dont like ur remix but pac is so easy to mix because of his flow which dj excrucial pointed that out to raf remix, keep grindin playa but its times for people to step up they mix game and start to sho some versatility in there mixes...dont take it personal because i enjoy ur remixes but be more active on cp and give more feedback, build up those talent points and be more active...peace!!!

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    Default Re: 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

    I agree and disagree, I personally liked the mix, try to start the vocals a lil bit earlier, the flow pattern will sound better
    If ur gonna do pac mixes, try to add someother people, make it sound like pac was droppin a verse on someone elses track,
    Otherwise your gonna get hated on cuz most people here have gotten out of ther Pac faze, and or don't like His Music,
    I personally love pacs music

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    Default Re: 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

    the beat is definitely a banger, but the tempo doesn't seem to match that well, i think that needs some work

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    Default Re: 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

    They fit together very well, but I think the beat doesnt fit the vibe of Pacs track, Chorus doesnt exactly work very well either. It needs a bit of work 7.5/10

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    Default Re: 2pac thug style (wuga original beat remix)

    good attempt at beat makin

    its a decent mix. well done. u got beat making skills


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