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Thread: 2Pac, Nas - Thugz Heaven

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    Default 2Pac, Nas - Thugz Heaven

    Damn, havent made a mix in a looooooong ass time(4 months, if not more). Just came back from Europe.
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    Default Re: 2Pac, Nas - Thugz Heaven

    i think you dropped nas off at the wront part
    should of waited another bar
    and to me now nas is off...
    i like the beat even though i couldnt help but sing
    mad skillz rap up lol
    this mix dfoesnt work though, its off too me...
    it would of been better if you dropped nas right
    2 pac does sound better on it

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    Default Re: 2Pac, Nas - Thugz Heaven

    yeah man nas sounds off a bit....possibly fix that up,upload again and it'll be good the beat is dope tupac sounds alright...heard so many mixes with him in it it's not really my favorite but oother than the nas part it all good

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    Default Re: 2Pac, Nas - Thugz Heaven

    yo nas was off beat it has potential just mess around with movin him to the down beat of the song. then it should be on point from there on. it has potential to be a good mix


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