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Thread: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

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    Default 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    ima start pumpin some hot n heavy mixes to all u cp heads!

    Did this one a while ago. short but dope!

    YouTube - 2pac - Unreleased Freestyle (DJ Farooq Remix)

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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    It has that classic Westcoast feel to it. Very nice.

    If you don't mind me asking, what synthesizer (I'll assume it is a synthesizer as the bass and sine sound too good for a VST) did you use to make this with? It's hard to find a synthesizer that's great as reproducing that Westcoast vibe and I was just curious to as what you used.
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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    ^^ i did not create the beat itself, the beat is 'ice cube - ghetto bird' but there is no official instrumental and even a loop would not do the job. After looping the original beat it still had talking over it, which i had to remove diy style.

    I know what u mean by that west coast vibe and i guess it would come under synth, but if u wanna hear it in its purest form. get a hold of this track, Ohio Players - Funky Worm. its the song dre sampled for 'dopeman'.

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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    It has that classic Westcoast feel to it. Very nice.
    I agree, deff had that west coast feel, it was too short 2 full judge it and the bass was 2 over powering 4 the vocals on this, "diy" <---i know but still


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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    it was pretty tight with a old school beat ima give a 8/10

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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    thanx for the feedback^^

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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    8/10 itz solid

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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    This defnitely has the early west coast old school vibe. Reminds me of 91 - 92 when Dre was on top of his game. What program were you sequencing in?

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    Default Re: 2pac - Animosity (Freestyle) (DJ Farooq Remix)

    Sorry, not enough hours in my day to peep youtube or myspace. If you upload it somewhere like zshared, 4shared or rapidshare and post the link I'll be happy to give it a listen and post feedback.


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